• hopelessly in love with fictional characters
  • book- and tv shows-loving creature of the night
  • also likes videogames, art and (rock) music
  • and animals, books, food, white chocolate and more books of course
Hi everyone! My name is Yvonne, I’m 23 years old and living in Austria, Vienna. As you probably guessed right, reading is one of my main hobbies … or let’s be honest (because we all know it): OBSESSION. But so what? Reading is beautiful. ;)

Besides reviewing books here on my blog, you can also find me on GOODREADS. I’m by far not a professional … reviewer, or whatever. It’s just my personal and honest opinion on a book … probably with lots of phrases like: OH MY GOD! or AHHH!

TV SHOWS are awesome and I love them to pieces! My personal favorite is Supernatural and I’ll probably never get tired of watching, reading and fangirling over it. Yes! I also like The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries and The 100. Seriously, I LOVE talking about any of those shows so drop me a message and let’s be friends! ♥

I also have a book-related Instagram (@bookishpanda) and in case you want to read some tweets, I also have Twitter. My Twitter username is also @bookishpanda. If you want to contact me for review purposes or something like that - please read my review policy & requests page first -, write me an email to thepandasaurus@hotmail.com .

Here's a part of my shelves :)