Monday, September 12, 2016

Just a little update - and asking for help!

Hey you lovely, sweet people. I'm sure you've noticed - or not, that depends, I guess - that I've been a little absent these past few weeks/months and I'd like to apologize to you. I'm sorry, really. So what's going on, you might ask? Honestly, I have no clue. I haven't even touched a book in forever; I just keep looking at them and think: "Wow, you look pretty ... I guess I'd really enjoy you!", but then I turn away again and don't even bother picking it up. Right now I can't even say that I miss it ... sure, I would like to start loads of books because I own some really interesting ones that I was dying to read when I got them but then again ... well, I don't know.

As of blogging it's kind of the same - I want to but if I don't read anything what can I blog about? It's not like I have 100+ ideas in store till I'm over this "slump". Nope, because that's the next thing - I'm out of ideas. I've never been immensly creative when it came to blog posts but I (at least I think so) had a few interesting ones in the past. I see all these great posts on other blogs and think: "How the hell do you come up with these ideas? ON A REGULAR BASIS?!?". There are discussion posts - trust me, I've tried them but whenever I think of something I COULD talk about my mind goes blank and I don't know what I wanted to say anymore -, great tutorials, DIY's and so many more. LIKE HOW DOES YOUR BRAIN WORK?!

Seriously though - how do you come up with them? What's your inspiration? Do you have any ideas I could use in future blog posts - what do you want to see on my blog? Anything that might help me get inspired?

And don't even get me started on Instagram because - oh, surprise - IT'S THE SAME. I used to love taking pictures of beautiful books, FairyLoot boxes and other cool stuff but lately it's been a torture. Can you forget how to take good pictures?! I've been quite happy with my feed but the pictures I uploaded recently? I don't like them. Not much. I mean, they're okay but I want them to be better than just okay.

It's ... ugh, it exhausts me. Thinking about ideas and not coming up with anything is so frustrating and makes me back off and do other unimportant things - it's a loop and while I really want to break this cycle I just don't know how.

So what have I done in the meantime? I started watching series again. Stranger Things, Dexter and I even started Supernatural from the beginning - I'm currently on Season 2 so yay! - it's a good thing actually because I was so behind on my shows anyway ... although it's not like I'm catching up instead of starting new/old ones. I enjoy(ed) some videogames - mainly The Sims 4 and Dead by Daylight -, either alone or with my cousins and friends, which I always liked to do.

It's great and I'm having fun but reading/blogging/bookstagram has been such a huge part and I kinda want it back - maybe not in that extent but just a little. That would already be enough for me! Maybe it would help a lot if I'd just get one book done. Only one. Maybe that's the push I need to start it all again ...

So I'm asking you - is there a SHORT book you can recommend me? The people who know me probably also know my reading preferences but at this moment I'm open to almost everything ... if you've read a really good book and think I'd enjoy it as well: JUST TELL ME - I appreciate every recommendation! <3

If you've read till the end feel hugged and kissed and loved, I really appreciate you taking your time to read this all - and thank you in advance for helping me out, if you can. <3 I'm not giving up on reading/blogging! :D


  1. Have you read The Marvels by Brian Selznick? It's not technically a short book, but a little more than the first half is all pictures, so it goes by really quickly. And the text part is a quick read, too. It's a weird situation, though, because the physical size and weight of the book can be kind of intimidating. I absolutely loved it - I know most people think Brian Selznick's other books are better, but this was my favorite by far.

  2. I haven't been blogging and reading as much as I did before August. I think it's just a matter of just getting back into it. But on the other end you shouldn't force yourself, you know?
    Now I'm starting to read a little more because the book(s) I'm reading at the moment I'm really enjoying.
    Also I always find that rereading some of my fav books always helps with a reading slumb.
    Miss you! <3

  3. Ugh, isn't it the worst when inspiration and motivation seem to be gone? When you've not got your blogging mojo it's hard to find a way to get back into blogging. I normally browse blogs/pinterest/tumblr for inspiration when I'm stuck for what to write next. Sometimes just seeing a pretty picture or pin on pinterest can spark something off in my brain. Reading none book blog blogs is good as well because you're inspired by other things and try and apply it to books.

    As for a good book to read I've got nothing. I am terrible with book suggestions. I tend to find rereads are the best way to get me excited to read again because I can always trust I'll enjoy reading a book I know.

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