Thursday, September 29, 2016

FairyLoot: September Unboxing

I feel like I keep repeating myself ... every unboxing I mention how amazing and in love I am with month's box and guess what? It's no different this time! :D

What even is FairyLoot? It's a bookish subscription box from my awesome friend Anissa where you get "a monthly box of stolen treasure". Besides a recent release there are also some hand selected goodies inside. A single purchase box is around £26 with pretty decent shipping costs, so be sure to check it out!

September's theme was Magic & Mayhem - which at first I had no clue what it could be about - so naturally I was very excited and curious to finally open the box. My favorite box was actually the one from June but right now I'm not so sure about that anymore ... I mean, September's freaking awesome and kinda hard to beat now. Let's start with the one book series I guessed after thinking long and hard.

postcards, Second Army poster, notebook and Etherealki candle
The first thing I noticed as a gorgeous candle from Castle of Fables. They sent off 3 editions: Corporalki, Materialki and Etherealki - the three Grisha Orders. I got Etherealki and while I can't quite describe what it smells like (really, what is this?!) I do like it! Then there's a Grisha Second Army poster designed by GoodNightKittens, a gorgeous exclusive Grisha notebook from Literary Emporium and Six of Crows post cards!

ADSOM buttons, Felix Felicis sticker and a Russian Doll necklace
You know what? As soon as I saw those stunning buttons and the Felix Felicis sticker by BookOtter I was offically and 100% in love with this box (not that I wasn't before or anything, pah). THEY ARE GORGEOUS. I haven't read the Darker Shade of Magic series yet but hell, if this doesn't make me wanna start it I don't know. There's also a Russian Doll necklace by Pastel Clouds Jewellery and, as usual, the unique hashtag for my FairyLoot reading buddy. #FairyLoot2008

Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter, handwritten letter + signed bookplate and bookmark
And lastly, THE BOOK. For September's Magic & Mayhem theme we got Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter along with a handwritten letter and a signed bookplate. Gina from Behind The Pages also created a foiled bookmark exclusively for FairyLoot. Isn't it beautiful?

the complete box + FairyLoot bonus items (the little bag & FairyScoop)

As usual, I'm gonna rate this box super highly because ... I can't give it any less stars. It gets 5/5 stars because I'M IN LOVE. I'm guessing the book will be amazing and I really like all the items included in this month's box - there's not ONE I wouldn't use - also, the FairyLoot bag and the FairyScoop are awesome extras! October's theme is Steampunk Rebellion (didn't get that one) and November's (which I'll definitely get) will be Royals & Rogues!

What are your thoughts on this month's box? Have you got one yourself? Will you get a future box of FairyLoot? Which other subscription boxes are you interested in?


  1. Once again gorgeous things! :D

    I'm not entirely sure yet but I'm thinking about getting the December box when it's time for that as a birthday present to myself. ^_^

    1. Ohhhh yes! I'm actually so excited for you to get one - they're REALLY gorgeous and I can't recommend them enough! :D

  2. This box looks absolutely gorgeous! All the SoC merch as well :O Plus the Felix Felicis sticker! <3
    Would love to get one of these boxes, but ahh the shipping for me is always so high :(

    1. I know what you mean - I have that with all other bookish boxes ... shipping is always SO MUCH and it really frustrates me, ugh. If you do get one sometime ... try FairyLoot for sure! It's worth ALL THE MONEY, trust me! :D


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