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{REVIEW} Catching Fox by Aimee McNeil

Title: Catching Fox
Author: Aimee McNeil
Series: Stand-alone
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publication: December 22nd, 2015
Rating: ★★★☆☆

A chance meeting between two young souls is all it took...

When Adalynne Fairweather was just a child, her entire life had already been planned. From Ivy League schools to a career in law, adventure was the one thing out of her reach. That was until a boy with bright green eyes and a monster truck t-shirt wandered into her back yard, giving the adventure she longed for.

Refuge can be found in the most unlikely places...

Damon Knight’s abusive home life left him longing for a childhood he never had—until he wandered into Adalynne’s yard. She took his hand, smiled at him, and even gave him a nickname. Fox. The woods became their escape—a place to flee from reality. He discovered music through Adalynne’s piano, and not long after that, she gave him a guitar. Little did he know that gift would change his life forever.

Years later, their age is not the only thing that’s changed...

Adalynne’s love for Fox took on a life of its own. As they begin to build their lives, her heart aches for him in ways she can’t understand. As they slowly begin to drift apart, Adalynne becomes more desperate to cling to their secret romance.

But Fox is no longer the bright-eyed child from the woods. Her shy, beautiful Fox has grown into a dark, troubled man with a guitar. And when her last attempt to salvage their relationship breaks Adalynne’s heart, catching Fox a second time seems just out of her reach.
I've read Aimee McNeil's Truth or Dare a while ago and quite enjoyed it, even though I had some issues with it. It's kind of the same for this book - overall it's entertaining but there were some negatives that I couldn't ignore and that made me give the book "only" 3 stars.

What are the pros? There's an intriguing blurb and a gorgeous cover - it does sound amazing, right? I was also fascinated by the music aspect of this book. I liked that the characters were into music and connected through it. Like I said, despite the cons, that I'll talk about in a minute, it was quite enjoyable. It's quick and easy to read, so it's perfect for in between a series or something like that.

Our main protagonist, Adalynne Fairweather, was quite likeable, even though a little "too much". I didn't understand and/or like some of the things she did but overall she proved to be a decent person with a good heart. She stood up for the things she liked and slowly created the life she wanted to live. She helped other people a lot and while that's not an easy thing to do, she never once complained. I admired that!

"You are already a star. You shine every time you smile."

Damon Knight (or better known as Fox) was a ... frustrating character and reminded me a lot of Ashton from Truth or Dare. They're both in love with the main character but won't act on it because they think they're not enough. I was getting tired of all the rejections by Fox. After everything you can understand him but ... idk. If people constantly tell you you're not good enough, you're starting to believe it but Adalynne's love for him never wavered, that should've meant something to him nonetheless. I liked him towards the end though. Despite all his rejections he was always there whenever she needed him. He got his life back together and finally fought for Addie ... it was about time!

The cons are ... well, as with the last book, I was a little confused. There were "time jumps" and I never really knew how old the protagonists were, which bothered me a lot! I want all the details, so please tell me how old they are, not just which school/university they're attending at the moment! Sure, you can guess but in Austria there's a different schooling system (at least it's called differently) so I'm even more confused, haha.

Then there's the "too perfect"-theme again. It doesn't make me like a character more if they DON'T have any flaws - quite the opposite! All characters were pretty and especially the guys were all handsome, muscled and irrestistible. I couldn't stand it anymore. Some scenes/actions were weird and not at all understandable ... they just didn't make sense to me. Maybe it had something to do with the current emotional state of the characters. Oh well.

"There once was a fox that fell in love with a bee
The most beautiful creature that he ever did see."

The second half of the book was a lot better - although some scenes were too rushed and happened too abrupt - I enjoyed the interactions between John (Damon's father) and Addie a lot. She did so much good for him. The ending was cute as well and made me smile a loooot! Yes, it's kind of predictable but it didn't fail to make me happy.

So despite everything, I found myself enjoying it most of the time! It didn't give me ALL THE FEELS or made me too emotional, nor did I completely fell in love with it but ... well, an enjoyable and easy read once in a while is always good and Catching Fox definitely gives you that. ;)



  1. It's been sooo long since I've read a contemporary novel, it's crazy! This one doesn't sound too appealing to me because I don't know how much I like the whole singing aspect of it? The synopsis does sound interesting but hmmm... I'm still not convinced! xD Great review, dear Yvonne!! ♥

    1. It's not really about singing, haha. :D It's just that the main characters are music lovers and connected through it - it's really important to them and ... eventually one of them becomes a really famous singer in a band. :P


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