Thursday, October 8, 2015

My October / Halloween TBR

Muhahahahaha! *insert devious witch laughter* Welcome, dear creatures of the night! Now don't be shy and come in in this lovely castle of mine ... I won't bite.

Yes, I'm a witch, living in a castle but don't worry, I'm nice. I'm not weird. Hrhm, sorry. I actually wanted to wait till I got all the books for my October / Halloween TBR but I don't know when the last two will be shipped, so yeah. Thanks Amazon for always sending pre-ordered things so super late. *sigh* Anyway, here's what I'm trying to read this month ... all creepy and hopefully scary books because ... well, it's October. October means Halloween, that's all you need to know. :D

  • Slasher Girls & Monster Boys by various authors, edited by April Genevieve Tucholke
  • Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender
  • Creed by Trisha Leaver & Lindsay Currie
  • Nightfall by Jake Halpern
  • The House by Christina Lauren
  • Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake
  • The Shining by Stephen King

I already finished Slasher Girls & Monster Boys (review will be up soon!) and am currently reading Creed, which is good so far. I think, I'm not sure yet. The two missing books are Nightfall and The House but I hope I'll get them this week!

What's on your TBR for this month? Anything creepy or are you not so fond of these books? :)


  1. I love how everyone is reading spooky fic in October. Will try to read at least one around Halloween too :)

    Love, Kerstin

    1. I just had to! I'm in such a Halloween mood and so far I'm really enjoying it! :D Do you already know which one you'd like to read?


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