Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lootraider: September Unboxing

Yes, there's another unboxing, wohoo! This time it's from Lootraider and has nothing to do with books but I still hope you'll enjoy it ... it's movies, games and comics stuff, so basically something for nerds, haha. It's late - it was the September box - but oh well.

"Lootraider" is a subscription box with merchandise based on different fandoms. Every month will have something new and like with many other subscription boxes, you'll never know what's in it till you open it! A Single-Loot box costs 34.95€ (excluding shipping - free for Germany), 3-Month-Loot is 29.95€ per month and the 12-Month-Loot subscription is 24.95€ per month. Find out more HERE!

September's theme was VILLAINS! That could've been EVERYTHING. There's a villain in every movie, comic or game but I had absolutely no idea what they would put in the box ... now that I know? Well, I have to say that I'm a little disappointed. Lootraider included stuff from Star Wars, Batman, Deadpool, Day of the Tentacle and Ghostbusters.

Content of the Lootraider box

Everyhing you see on this pictures came with the box. A super cool t-shirt that I actually like a lot, a Star Wars cushion with Darth Vader on it and his mask, a Day of the Tentacle sticker, a Deadpool button and a cutting board with the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters on it. Oh, and the rolled-up thing is a poster with Joker on it as you can see on the next picture.

Joker poster with "Serious Troubles" written on it
Content of the box:
  • a themed "villains" t-shirt
  • a Star Wars cushion
  • a Darth Vader mask
  • Day of the Tentacle sticker
  • Deadpool button
  • Ghostbusters cutting board
  • Joker poster

I'm really not a huge fan of Star Wars, haven't even seen the movies but of course I know about Darth Vader and everyone else ... the cushion and mask are "useless" for me though. However I really like the cutting board, t-shirt and even the sticker and button are kinda cool. This month's theme is "Survival" which is VERY tempting but for that price I don't think I'll buy it again any time soon.

Have you subscribed to any boxes? Which ones? Do you like them?


  1. Such awesome stuff! A good friend of mine would be so jealous of the Joker poster. She's a big fan.
    I'm not subscribed to any boxed but I really want to try it sometime. It will probably depend on the price and shipping and all that. Gotta find something that isn't too expensive.

    1. Depending on WHAT you want to be in the box there are actually quite a few possibilities ... and you're from the US, no? (God, I don't remember, sorry!) So, I think shipping there isn't THAT bad. I would totally go for the "Fandom of the Month Club" again because 13$ isn't that much and you get cool fandom jewelry stuff but shipping to Austria is another 9$ and then we're already at 22$ ... *sigh*


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