Friday, October 9, 2015

Fandom of the Month Club: September Unboxing

Hello everyone! I just received my second box from The Fandom of the Month Club and am so excited! It's a little late, since it's already October and this is the September box but shipping from the US always takes ages, oh well. I thought I still share what's in last month's box, so here we go!

"Fandom of the Month Club" is a subscription box with jewelry (and a cute little tote bag!) based on different fandoms. Every month will have something of a new fandom and the best thing? You won't know what you'll get until the box arrives! I love this idea! The box is only 13$ plus shipping to your country! Read more about it on their page: HERE

This month's theme was PERCY JACKSON! People already assumed it would be either Percy Jackson or Supernatural and to be honest, I was hoping it would be the latter. I'm a huge Supernatural fan, so this would've been great for me! I haven't read any Percy Jackson books (I know, shame on me!) but at least I watched the movie ... the first one, not even sure if I've seen the second one, oops. But I have to say that I'm kinda pleased with this box, I really like the content!

FotMC and it's contents - magnet, a tote bag with jewelry inside, a pair of shwings and a cute card

Like last month there was also a cool magnet inside - I like the minimalist style and will definitely put it onto my fridge, haha. The print on the tote says "EVEN STRENGTH HAS TO BOW TO WISDOM SOMETIMES" with an owl - does it have any meaning? In the books/movie, I mean.

Jewelry from inside the tote bag
The 3 pieces of jewelry:
  • a trident ring
  • a pair of Pegasus earrings
  • a necklace with Pegasus

All in all, and although I have no clue about the fandom itself, I really liked the box. The shoe wings are very cool, I love the ring and even though I can't use the earrings I still think they're extremely pretty! However, I canceled my subscription because shipping is kinda expensive, so yeah. I'll be super mad though if the October box is about Supernatural ... just no. Please don't be Supernatural. I'll cry in a corner if it is, ahhhh.

Have you subscribed to any boxes? Which ones? Do you like them?


  1. OMG! I LOVE PJ! Those shoes are so damn awesome! And the earrings and necklace and totebag and ahhhh! :D

  2. THIS IS SO GREAT. I have seen these from Natasha and this is perfect. Like actually perfect and PJO is great. You should read them if you don't mind Middle Grade. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM.
    -Monica @ Tomes Project


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