Sunday, October 11, 2015

#bookstagram - Welcome to Instagram and its beautiful bookish world 15

Before I even started this blog I was introduced to the wonderful, bookish world through Instagram. I don't know if this is even relevant to you guys, or if you are on this social media site but I'd love to recommend you some of my favorite #bookstagram accounts. They are kind of like book blogs - you take pictures of your current reads, your wrap-ups, new books you bought and all kinds of other things. Some people even write reviews in the caption, which is also really nice and interesting!

As usual, I picked 3 gorgeous accounts for this week! Here are a few of their pictures, so if you're on Instagram and not following them already, do so now! Put a smile on their face and let them know how beautiful their pictures are! :)


This account belongs to Monica! I just love her pictures so, so much! You only need one look and BAM you're in love, right? Tell me I'm right. Please go check out all the other pictures on her account as well! :)

Source: Instagram @bookishjourney


Okay ... here we have Andie! She's 20, from Czechia and besides books she also loves TV shows & tumblr. Obviously because who doesn't? I checked her account and saw that she's only a part of our #bookstagram community for 2 weeks! TWO WEEKS, PEOPLE. And now look at her pictures ... aren't they extremely beautiful? She doesn't have many followers yet, so please, please, please follow her! <3

Source: Instagram @andieheartsbooks


A huge thanks to Melissa @ In A Bookish World for telling me about Ashley's account! I followed her while writing this post and well ... her pictures are awesome. And look at her cat! So adorable! Her bookshelves seem amazing as well, as far as I can tell. I spotted so many great books! Go check it out!

Source: Instagram @fictional_living

If you have an Instagram account, be sure to check out these beautiful people and follow them! Are there any awesome bookstagrammers out there you'd like to tell me about? You can also let me know about YOUR Instagram and I'll gladly check it out! Maybe you'll be in one of my posts then! :D


  1. Hi Sweetie!! Amazing post as usual!
    I know you already did this multiple but I tagged you for the Liebster Award ;)

    1. Ohhh, thank you, sweets! I'll get to it as soon as possible! <3

  2. Thanks for these great recommendations! I followed all of them, their accounts are truly beautiful. Your bookstagram account is amazing as well, btw. I think I first discovered your blog through it. :)

    1. You discovered my blog through my IG? Oh wow, that's awesome, haha. Thank you! I'm glad you like all their accounts! ♥

  3. Oh this is such a fun feature! I adore Instagram and I'm trying my best to do some nice photos but I'm still figuring out the best set-ups and now that I don't get home until dark, all of my lighting is terrible. That and I broke my phone so I'm using an old one which takes terrible pictures haha.
    Thanks for the recs!! These accounts are beautiful!

    1. I know what you mean ... especially with Winter coming up it's horrible. I haven't been able to take decent photos those past few weeks because it's mostly cloudy/rainy outside - IT SUCKS. *sigh*

      But I'm glad you like them! Thanks for stopping by! :D


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