Saturday, September 26, 2015

I changed my URL!

After asking a few of my lovely blogger friends and thinking about it forquite some time now, I finally decided to change my blogger URL!

My username - almost everywhere on the Internet - is "bookishpanda" and I really, really like it but people seem to be confused at times because my blog is actually called "A World Between Folded Pages". I have no clue why I haven't changed it earlier but I did it now and am really happy with it! It's better like this and is easier to remember, don't you think? :)

To make things short, my new ULR is now: 

Not much will change for you, since I updated all the links (or most of them - I'm working on it) but I'm still trying to work things out with bloglovin'. Until they change the URL you won't be able to receive any updates on there, so don't be confused and please don't unfollow immediately. It should be working again within the next few days!

Thanks for reading & I hope I still see you all around! <3

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