Sunday, September 27, 2015

#bookstagram - Welcome to Instagram and its beautiful bookish world 14

Before I even started this blog I was introduced to the wonderful, bookish world through Instagram. I don't know if this is even relevant to you guys, or if you are on this social media site but I'd love to recommend you some of my favorite #bookstagram accounts. They are kind of like book blogs - you take pictures of your current reads, your wrap-ups, new books you bought and all kinds of other things. Some people even write reviews in the caption, which is also really nice and interesting!

As usual, I picked 3 gorgeous accounts for this week! Here are a few of their pictures, so if you're on Instagram and not following them already, do so now! Put a smile on their face and let them know how beautiful their pictures are! :)


Today we're starting off with Jacky! She's an 18-year old #bookstagrammer from Germany and also shares her opinions on books with her Twitter followers! Check out her amazing feed and show her some love by liking/commenting and following her account! :)

Source: Instagram @booklovingjacky


Next one is Mayya's account. Actually it's Sumayya. Either way, I really like her name! So pretty! Same goes for her account, of course. She takes incredibly beautiful pictures and deserves a few more people that appreciate those beauties! Go check out her account and follow her, please! <3

Source: Instagram @mayya.reads


And lastly it's Ava's turn! I can't help but think of the beautiful Harry Potter editions from Bloomsbury whenever I read her username, haha. I'm probably just weird. And obsessed with them. Oh well.She has so many pretty books that I all still have to buy! And she obviously takes awesome pictures! As usual: Check out her account and comment/like/follow Ava! :D

Source: Instagram @bloomsbery

If you have an Instagram account, be sure to check out these beautiful people and follow them! Are there any awesome bookstagrammers out there you'd like to tell me about? You can also let me know about YOUR Instagram and I'll gladly check it out! Maybe you'll be in one of my posts then! :D

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