Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Finds (#42)

"Friday Finds" is a weekly meme, hosted by Should Be Reading, where you share the book titles you discovered or heard about during the past week. These can be books you were told about, books you discovered while browsing goodreads/blogs/bookstores online, or books that you actually purchased.

Happy Friday! What's it with all those gorgeous covers lately? Helloooo! Don't you also want to read them based on their covers ONLY? I adore them all so much and am currently reading Heartbound which is ... good? While it's a bit confusing and ... I'm not entirely sure what exactly it is, I still enjoy it so far! :D

What are your Friday Finds? :) 


  1. YES THE FORBIDDEN WISH AND 10,000 MADONNAS. YES. YES YES. So excited for those two!
    -Monica @ Tomes Project

  2. Wow, all of those covers are stunning! Heartbound looks like it's about Peter Pan from the cover, but I've never heard of it so I'm just taking a wild guess! Actually, I've never heard of any of them. I'll definitely have to check out what they're about. I think The Thing About Jellyfish is my favourite cover though. :)

    Charlotte @ Bookmarks and Blogging


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