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{REVIEW} Alora by Megan Linski

Title: Alora
Author: Megan Linski
Series: Stand-alone
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Publication: November 1st, 2014
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ (DNF) 

For hundreds of years, Alora has been queen. Ruling over the most remote regions of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, she spends her summers riding upon a wild stallion, her winters as a winged wolf, never aging, forever at an eternal sixteen.

This is what it means to be an Anmortal.

Centuries pass until the arrival of something new in the woods, a small boy named August. Alora watches through the years as the child grows into a young man. Slowly she finds herself falling for him, unable to tame her wild heart. Madly in love, she ignores the fact that humans and Anmortals can never be together...a mortal cannot love a creature that lives forever.

Distracted by romance, Alora doesn’t notice that there is a monster lurking in the shadows, a hunter who is determined to make Alora his prize. With no time left to run and no way out, Alora is about to make the most challenging decision of her life. What's more important...her true love, or her freedom?
I'm not going to continue reading this book and therefore won't rate it, but I still wanted to tell you what I thought about it. When I first saw this book I was soooo excited! Just look at the beautiful cover! The blurb sounded interesting as well but ... I probably expected too much. Sadly.

The main idea is actually not that bad but I didn't like the main character, Alora, one bit. She's perfect. At least she thinks she is. All the time. She's also annoying and arrogant and thinks she can do and get whatever she wants and that nothing and no one can beat her ... just nope. It's so easy to NOT like her that I wonder if the author wanted us to feel that way about Alora. Hmmm.

When she meets young August (at the age of 3!) she decides that she wants him for herself - that's already really weird because she's a 16 year old girl. His parents are getting divorced and he leaves town but by the age of 16 he's back again and that's when Alora and August are becoming friends (and even more). I love love-stories, you know? But this one? Nope, I didn't get it. It's weird and unrealistic and like I said I didn't like Alora, so I really don't know how August could like her that much ... they were constantly fighting or arguing and even the "sweet" scenes seemed strange and forced. *sigh*

I read 65% and the "villain" of the book only appeared once (or twice, idk anymore) so far. But to be honest, he didn't seem to be that bad ... he even let her decide her own fate - either she chooses August and a "normal" life or she could choose her Anmortal (the wolf) self but then he'd hunt and kill her - or I simply didn't get it right, who knows. Anyway, he never felt like a real threat to me. Maybe later on in the book but I'll never know.

Would younger people enjoy this a lot more? I don't know but I certainly didn't like it. I guess it was just not my cup of tea. It wasn't entirely bad, don't get me wrong, but there were too many things that disturbed and/or annoyed me. I'm just glad I got this on Amazon when it was free because I wouldn't want to spend my money on books like this one, sorry.

☆☆☆☆☆ (DNF)


  1. Yikes... I have this book but since a friend of mine didn't like it much and now you also I don't think I'll enjoy it. I read one other book by this author and it wasn't that great either. Meh.

    1. I saw it first on your blog and was like OH MY THIS LOOKS SO GOOD! Yeah ... well, nope. Trust me, you won't miss anything if you DON'T read it - it's not worth your time, if you ask me. Sadly, because I think it had lots of potential and could've been really cool ... but not like this. *sigh*


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