Sunday, March 29, 2015

{REVIEW} Love the Way You Lie by Skye Warren

Title: Love the Way You Lie
Author: Skye Warren
Series: Stripped #1
Genre: Romance, Erotica
Publication: March 12th, 2015
Rating: ★★★★☆

I’ll do anything to get safe, even if that means working at the scariest club in town.

I’ll do anything to stay hidden, even if it means taking off my clothes for strangers.

I’ll do anything to be free. Except give him up. When he looks at me, I forget why I can’t have him. He’s beautiful and scarred. His body fits mine, filling the places where I’m hollow, rough where I am soft.

He’s the one man who wants to help me, but he has his own agenda. He has questions I can’t answer. What are you afraid of? You.

"Love the Way You Lie" and the prequel, Tough Love, are the first books I read by Skye Warren. It's not something I usually pick up and the whole mob/mafia storyline is completely new to me. I really enjoyed it though! The author kept me entertained and excited/thrilled throughout the whole book and I didn't even mind the erotic scenes between Kip and Honor - not that I would ever mind them but I'm usually more interested in emotions, feels and the generel bonding between the characters.

While Tough Love was about Clara, this book focuses mostly on her sister Honor. After they escaped their father and her fiancée Byron, they're now hiding. Trying to stay under the radar, to survive. To do that Honor strips in a dodgy bar and even offers some extras for more money. But when she meets Kip everything's about to change. Is he an ordinary customer? A cop? Something even worse? The only thing she knows is not to trust him ... but somehow he always seems to get under her skin.

"I’m afraid of dying, but I’m more afraid of never living."

Let me tell you: Honor is freaking awesome! At first I questioned her decisions and didn't know if she actually had to go that way. But everything made sense after a while, I understood why she was "safe" at The Grand, why she endured a life like that. She had to protect her sister, no matter what. I really admired her for her strength because honestly? I don't think I'd be as strong as her in a situation like that. Not even close. Actually, I was hoping to see more of the sibling relationship between Honor and Clara - the few moments we got were precious and too amazing!

And Kip, well, he's the mysterious stranger, a bad guy that might not be as bad as he looks at first. But he's dangerous and you should be afraid of him. Why do these guys always have to look so handsome then? Kip is definitely one hot guy! Tall with tattoos, a beard and his dark leather jacket ... oh my. The way he looked at Honor, talked to her ... he's different and towards the end we also got to see another side of him. I really, really enjoyed that! It made him more real, more vulnerable and if I'm being honest, even hotter.

"He's trying to figure me out. He's trying to burrow inside me until he sees how I work. But it will never work, because I'm not real. I'm smoke and mirrors--a magic trick. If he looks too closely, I'll disappear."

The story was gripping and I've always felt a tension and constantly thought that any moment now something would happen, that they'd find them. I totally get why she was so cautions and worried. I mean, a strip club isn't exactly the safest place ever. I'm not sure if the ending was too rushed or just right but it could have been a bit longer, that would've been okay too. I was nervous, excited, anxious and thrilled all at the same time but in the end I really liked how everything turned out!

So, would I recommed this? Totally! If you're up for some "dark" romance with quite a bit of eroticism - and if you don't mind the used words, especially -, a mysterious but gorgeous Kip and a strong, female protagonist ... well, end your search right now and check out Skye Warren's books! They might be something for you!


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