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{REVIEW} A Time to Live by Jonas Lee

Book 2 in "The Legend of Carter Gabel" series
Title: A Time to Live
Author: Jonas Lee
Series: The Legend of Carter Gabel #2
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Publication: January 22nd, 2015
Rating: ★★★★☆ +0.5

Carter Gabel had to overcome a lot in the last year, and time travel as a side effect of his “genetic disease” was only the beginning. He’s lost his mother, reunited with his estranged father, crippled a city and destroyed his school. If he thought he could fade into the sunset, Carter has another thing coming.

A terrorist group known as Pirates has infiltrated his hometown to overthrow the Program designed to monitor those with potentially harmful abilities. Carter is a teenager, but he’s forced back into the mix as his grandson, David, has been put into a coma. He will have to try and stay out of sight as much as possible and work with new Eventuals along the way in order to stop the Pirates from turning Lincoln Square into a ghost town.

*received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*

In the second book we continue to follow Carter Gabel trying to live a normal life, this time however he has to stop the so-called "Pirates" from killing innocent people. There's a lot more action in this second installment than in the first one. Carter matured a lot and you clearly notice it by the writing style of Jonas - everything seems a bit darker and a bit more brutal even but I quite liked that! We know that everything that had happened so far influenced the characters in one way or another and it's good to finally see the outcome of it.

I usually write something about the characters now but I'll try to focus on the main ones instead because there were so many of them - the author introduced a lot of new (and therefore also unique) characters and to be honest I had a hard time remembering all the names and what their abilities are. If you thought you finally figured out who is who, a new character showed up and you had to start all over again - nevertheless I loved all of them! Jonas Lee definitely has a talent for creating different characters and making them "real"!  

Rook, for example, is one I absolutely loved - she's loyal, fierce and has a really cool ability. I would love to see her more often and hope that Carter and Rook will have an amazing friendship - they already shared some emotional moments that are seriously heartbreaking!

Carter has matured a lot, like I said before, but I'm so happy he's still snarky, sarcastic and funny! He does stupid things in the most dangerous moments and even though he's in danger he still manages to joke and make me smile - he's a great character! Another one I really, really, really loved was little Scarlett! Carter's relationship with her was absolutely amazing and probably my favorite from this book - he's so protective and just loves her with all of his heart. So cute!

The story was as usual very fast-paced and action-packed but it never seemed too forced. Everything made sense and while reading it I even questioned myself who The Driver is and what would happen next - if a book manages to do that to me I already know I'll love it! Overall I enjoyed "A Time to Live" a lot and can't wait for the third book, which is probably also the last, so I hope we get answers to all the questions and that everything turns out well!

★★★★☆ +0.5

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