Thursday, February 12, 2015

{REVIEW} Hired Gun #3 by A.J. Bennett

3rd part in the "Hired Gun" serial by A.J. Bennett
Title: Hired Gun #3
Author: A.J. Bennett
Series: Hired Gun #3
Genre: Serial, Paranormal, Adult
Publication: November 9th, 2014
Rating: ★★★☆☆ +0.5

Just when Thorne thought things couldn’t get any more complicated, Athena throws another wrench into the mix. The mystery of Kataya Clarke has been solved, and Thorne’s not quite sure how he feels about this revelation.

Have the gods played a joke on him or done him a favor? Either way he has to come to terms with the information.

Meanwhile, The Sicarii assigns Thorne a hit that will be more challenging than any he’s faced before. Even he’s not sure if he’ll have the ability to take down a powerful demon hell-bent on revenge.

In this third installment we continue where we left off in "Hired Gun #2" and get a few more answers but loads of other questions too - it's like a curse, really!

Kataya is so confusing with all her different forms and half of the time I didn't even know what she looks like at the moment. I don't trust her, not only because of her shape-shifting ability but also because of what we found out about her - right from the beginning I knew she'd be trouble but I'm super curious about what will happen next.

Nike is probably one of the most likeable characters in this serial! I really like her attitude and would love to find out more about her background and all that - same goes for Benny, of course. They're both such interesting personalities and I just love them loads!

Thorne also annoyed me at times. He's not really sure about his "feelings" for Kataya, mostly it's only about sex - and there's a lot of that, to be honest - and usually that doesn't really annoy me but in this installment ... I don't know, it was just a bit too much and too similar, always the same. I'm also not ure what to think about this whole soulmate thing and the information about Laurie we got ... let's just say I imagined Laurie completely different.

Overall it's a nice next installment - as uualy it's short but that's just how a serial is - that left me with lots of questionmarks in my head ... maybe a good thing, as long as A.J. Bennett clarifies everything in the end! ;)

★★★☆☆ +0.5

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