Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top 14 books of 2014 + New Year's Resolutions

It's the last day of 2014 and there are only a few hours left until were's in 2015. I can't even believe how fast time flies by! It's insane! I have to say that 2014 had both, its good but also bad moments and I'm glad it's finally time for something new. I'm really looking forward to the new year and hope I can do some things better and that, of course, it'll be a good year for everyone!

To give the end a little bookish note, I wanted to present you my Top 14 books of 2014 and tell you something about my book-related New Year's resolutions! I can totally recommend you all of the books I'm going to show you now and hope some of you will check them out (if you haven't read them yet) - Let's start then! :)

My top 14 books of 2014
  1. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
  2. Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover
  3. Wonder by R.J. Palacio
  4. Wait for You by J. Lynn
  5. The Collectors' Society by Heather Lyons
  6. Cinder by Marissa Meyer
  7. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
  8. Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi
  9. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling
  10. Angelfall by Susan Ee
  11. Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  12. The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings
  13. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  14. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Some of these books are on my list because ... well, The Fault in our Stars, for example, is more than just a good book but it actually also made me read my books in english. It's the first book I read in the "original language" and from then on I continued with it. Harry Potter is in there because I haven't read it before but now I finally get the hype around it, I'm happy that I started the series and can't wait to continue! I could have put some more books onto my list but these are probably my favorites!

But now onto my "Bookish New Year's Resolutions"! I don't really have many book-related resolutions but those 4 points are definitely important to me!

Bookish New Year's resolutions

1. Beat my Goodreads challenge of 2014

I was 30 (well, 29 actually) books ahead of my challenge and that surprised me the most! I read 79 books this year - although I only "planned" on 50 - and personally I think that's amazing!

2. Re-read at least 1 book

I never re-read any of my books (except for Shatter Me, that was the first book I re-read!) but some are simply brilliant and absolutely deserve it!

3. Finish 5 series

I'm a sucker for series and to be honest I think I could even finish more than just 5 (mostly because I have loads of series that I started but never actually finished). I might even increase this one!

4. Improve my blog/reviews

That's probably the most important resolution I have. I started this baby on the 25th of August and I still love it as much! It's such a great experience and I met amazing people in the book blogger world that I don't want to miss anymore (definitely talking about Brittany, Evie, my bestest girl Melissa and some others). But that's exactly where YOU guys get into the game! I want to make things better and more interesting for you, I want you to stay and look around, to talk to me and swoon with me about our favorite characters and and and - every suggestion, help, criticism (whatever you have in mind, really!) is welcomed and much appreciated! I'm counting on you! ♥

Lastly I just want to thank all of you! You've made this experience a great one - I'm glad I made this blog and am really proud of it because it's something I do with passion! I love working on my blog and writing reviews and posts in general and it means so much to me when only ONE person comments on anything I wrote. You don't even know how easily you brightened my day! I'm really looking forward to the new year and hope to "meet" loads of you! Add me on Goodreads, follow me on Twitter, just comment something weird under a post - I'm sure I'll love it and gladly write back! THANK YOU FOR THOSE WONDERFUL 4 MONTHS!


  1. Amazing top 14!! I really need to read Maybe Someday, Angelfall & the Collectors' Society :D

    1. Thank you, Melissa! ♥
      And yes, you really should read them! Especially Maybe Someday, I need you to swoon over Ridge and tell me how much you love him! :D

  2. Great post! I loved TFIOS! I have The Book Thief and Cinder on my TBR for next year. :)

    1. Oh, great! They're both awesome and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! :D

  3. I loooove the fact that you reread Shatter Me ad loved Cinder, they're both on my TBR and I can't wait to get to them once I'm done with Harry Potter. I'm currently on book 4 and loving it! <3

    HAPPY NEW YEAR YVONNE! I hope 2015 for you is full of books, blogging and happiness :)x


    1. Awww, Jay! Thank you, the same goes for you of course! I hope 2015 will be a super amazing year for you! :D

      Shatter Me is PERFECT! It's one of my alltime favorite series and uuugh! ♥ Once you read them you definitely need to let me know!

      You're also reading Harry Potter? For the first time? Me too! I finished book 2 a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it! I don't know why I waited so long! :O


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