Sunday, October 5, 2014

Shipping Sunday (#3)

"Shipping Sunday" is a weekly meme, hosted by the lovely Brittany from Space Between The Spines, where you talk about your favorite couple(s) or pit two "teams" against each other.

Today, I'll be pitting 2 characters of one of my favorite series: Vampire Academy/Bloodlines by Richelle Mead! If you don't know who I'm talking about ... one is a shamelessly hot and arrogant vampire, a Moroi, to be exact, an the other one is a deadly killer, aka a Dhampir, that protects Moroi! And in case you still don't know who I mean, it's Adrian Ivashkov and Dimitri Belikov, yay!

Dimitri Belikov, Art by nma-art (deviantart)
Sydney & Adrian, Art by hatepotion (deviantart)

Team Belikov? I remember it like I read it yesterday. Dimitri was my bae and I adored him, fantasized and dreamed about him (No, not such dirty dreams! But well ... Dimitri-dreams. *cough*) and just loved him to pieces. He's passionate, strong and deadly. Tough, independant, wise, gentle, romantic and protective ... all words (and more) I would use to describe him, if I had to. I remember him as being the perfect boyfriend ... like, seriously. He's handsome and hot and all the other adjectives I already listed and he loves only one person. It has always been only Roza for him ... UGHHH FEELINGS! He had high expectations on everyone because he knew they could do better, he always saw the good in everyone and still managed to be on guard all the time. It's his job after all and let me tell you, he's pretty darn good at it! I felt for him in book 3 and cried a lot. I could have filled a bathtub with my tears. I was a mess. I know he will always be one of my fave characters, no doubt. He's that awesome, believe me!

Team Ivashkov? Adrian, oh my baby. I have even deeper feelings for this bad boy! He's handsome and knows it, arrogant and egocentric, doesn't give a shit about what other people think of him (except for Rose and Sydney) and yet, he manages to steal lots of hearts. Including mine. I just knew that he would mean trouble when he appeared in Frostbite. What I didn't knew is how deeply I would fall for him - does it sound weird to talk like that about a fictional character?! I don't care - and thanks to the Bloodlines series we got to know him a lot better. There's this other side of him that only a few people knew about and I'm freaking happy that it changed in Bloodlines. I already loved him before that but thanks to Sydney and all his other friends now I love him even more. He's changed so much and he would do anything to protect his loved ones. Adrian Ivashkov = character development! I'll forever love this enchanting Moroi, that I will definitely!

What's my conclusion? I would definitely pick Dimitri as Rose' match because they're just a great team and work pretty well together, they understand and truly love each other but when it comes to the individual characters and my own opinion on who I would prefer ... well, I have a clear favorite (although I love them both!) and that is . . .


  1. I couldn't read your whole post because I haven't read all the books, but it's great seeing you enjoying Shipping Sunday so much! Thanks for helping make it a hit! *Hugs*

    Brittany @

    1. I've also tagged you in the Book Cake Tag! Here's the info:

    2. Oh, of course! I really enjoy it, although it gets a little hard to decide who I should pit next, haha. :) You definitely should read the other books soon, they're amazing! ♥

      And thank you so much for tagging me! I'll do it as soon as possible! *hugs*


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