Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Favorite Fall Read(s)

Autumn is, besides Winter, my favorite season of the year! It's getting a bit colder and the trees change their color and slowly lose all their leaves ... it's just beautiful. And let's be honest, there's nothing better than to lie in bed all day and hide under your blanket with a cup of steamy, hot coffee/tea/cocoa and read some good books - especially when it's raining!

When I saw the post for Beth Revis' giveaway on her website I thought a lot about what I mostly read in Autumn/Fall and came to the conclusion that my prefered books are ...
  1. HUGE, with a lot of pages 
  2. DARK, preferably Horror or Paranormal stuff
  3. mostly written by MALE AUTHORS (that surprised me a lot!)
I always like books about zombies, vampires and other creatures, so autumn is the perfect time of the year to read them! I usually don't have a specific TBR list for seasons or months but I do have a small list for all the books I want to read in autumn! Here are some of my favorite and most anticipated Fall Reads! I'm definitely looking forward to read them all!

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