Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bookishpanda talks: READING SLUMPS

I guess everyone experienced it at some point - reading slumps. We all know what it is and that's it's annoying and useless because we have to read the thousand books on our TBR pile. You want to slowly get rid of it but no book can keep your attention long enough. Yes, I've been there, like most other booklovers too.

But what can we do to get out of these slumps? Is there anything that helps? I've been thinking about a few things that always help me when I'm slowly drifting into another reading slump ... Here are my top 10 tips on how to avoid reading slumps!

Maybe you read too many books of that one specific genre and therefore you get bored too quickly - just mix it up a little, if you know what I mean? Grab a Dystopia if you read too much Romance or a Science-Fiction book if you just finished an old Classic.

If you're already in a reading slump or slowly drifting into one, don't try to read the thickest book on your TBR pile! How about picking a quick and easy read instead? It's much easier to concentrate on a short book than one that has 800+ pages.

Where are you normally reading? I mostly read in my bed but sometimes you just get tired of it, so I try to read someplace else then. For example ... the living room, our balcony, a park, in a coffee shop or wherever else you want!

I'm sure everyone of us has one or more favorite books! There's nothing better than to delve into a world with your all-time favorite characters and relive their story with them!

If you have an e-reader, USE IT! It always helped me when I read a short e-book instead of a huge hardcover or a paperback - I don't really know why but maybe it will also help you!

Bookstores are heaven. Seriously, just browsing around and looking at all the new arrivals and bestsellers brightens my day! You find new books that you're eager to read and DON'T HESITATE TO BUY ONE, if you found a book! It obviously grabbed your attention and maybe even helps to get you out of the bad, bad reading slump!

Watching some Booktubers or your favorite Youtuber can help too! There are tons of funny and informative videos on Youtube and all of them are glad to entertain you! Just watch a book haul or a review of a certain book, a funny cat video - anything that makes you happy works!

Books are not the only entertainment in our world. There are tons of good tv shows you can binge watch or awesome music you can listen too!

Discuss your reading slump with some friends! I'm sure everyone has different tips on how to get out of it. And talking about your (favorite) books ALWAYS helps, no matter if there's a slump or not. Fangirling is awesome and you might even get some new recommendations!

If nothing helps and you're STILL not motivated to read anything at all ... just don't do it. It's totally okay if you don't want to read, maybe that's even a good thing - you can get done lots of other important things and from time to time everyone needs a little pause. I'm sure you'll pick up a book again if the time is right! ;)

These are just some tips I mostly use when I'm stuck in a slump! Let me know if there's anything else you could do - what are your tips and tricks? :)

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