Thursday, October 9, 2014

Book Cake Tag!

The lovely Brittany from Space Between The Spines tagged me to do the "Book Cake Tag"! Thank you so much, I love doing these tags, they're always a lot of fun! :)

Flour: A book that was a little bit slow to start off but really
picked up as it went along.

I have to go for "The Maze Runner" by James Dashner! I had a really hard time to get into it at first because everything was so confusing and the language/words they used in the maze was very weird and unique but once I understood everything better I enjoyed and loved it! Such a thrilling book!

 Margarine: A book that had a rich, great plot

The book that immediately came to my mind is: "The Murder Complex" by Lindsay Cummings. It's just such a great read with an amazing storyline and awesome, unexpected plot twists and brilliant characters! It gripped me right from the beginning and I didn't even want to put it down.

Eggs: A book you first thought was going to be bad but
actually turned out quite enjoyable.

I'm going for a book I read in school - "Perfume" by Patrick Süßkind. I thought it would be bad because, well, we had to read it for school and usually the books we read in classes were all terrible and totally boring but this one really surprised me! Actually, I never expected to like it so much and now that I'm thinking about it again, I definitely have to re-read it!

Sugar: A surgary, sweet book.

I really enjoyed "Let It Snow" by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. It's a perfect winter/christmasy read for a cold and snowy day when all you want to do is hide beneath your blankets and drink lots of tea or coffee. Or cocoa. It's very sweet and easy to read and I loved all 3 stories and that, in the end, they all connected somehow.

Icing - A book that covered every single element that you enjoy about a book (funny moments, action moments, sad moments, etc.)

"Wait For You" by Jennifer L. Armentrout/J. Lynn, without a doubt. Cam never fails to make me go through a rollercoaster of emotions. Seriously, one moment he's all funny and cheeky, the next he's flirting with you and makes you swoon but then again he can also be serious and angry and sad and it's just great. He and Avery are such a cute couple and definitely one of my alltime-favorites! So, if you haven't read it yet ... BUY AND READ IT! ♥

Sprinkles: A book series that you can kind of turn back to for a little
pick me up when you're feeling down.

That's kinda hard for me ... I usually don't re-read any of my books and when I'm feeling down I mostly listen to music or talk to my best friend rather than read, because I know I can't concentrate. But if I had to pick a book, it would probably be "Destroy Me" or "Ignite Me" by Tahereh Mafi. I know this sounds weird but Aaron Warner is my favorite character and even though the book is serious and emotional, I guess, it would distract me from my own problems and feelings and suck me into the world of Juliette and Warner.

 The Cherry on Top - Your favorite book this year so far.

Oh god, you can't do this to me ... I really have no idea! I read so many great books this year and it's impossible to decide. Okay, I'll just choose my newest obsession then, it's ONE of my favorite books this year, so I guess it counts! I'm talking about "The Collectors' Society" by Heather Lyons. Seriously, I'm hooked and ready for book 2 although the first one isn't even out yet, damnit! It's about Alice in Wonderland, there's a cute love story and awesome characters (2 new, perfect book-boyfriends!), a great storyline and fantastic worlds! I am deeply in love, yes. ♥

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