Sunday, September 28, 2014

Shipping Sunday (#2)

"Shipping Sunday" is a weekly meme, hosted by the lovely Brittany from Space Between The Spines, where you talk about your favorite couple(s) or pit two "teams" against each other.

This week I'm pitting the males of my (probably) favorite series ever - the Shatter Me trilogy by Tahereh Mafi. Again, I'm breaking the rules and take 3 males (I'm so sorry, Brittany!) but even though Kenji isn't a love interest for Juliette, he's still a "team" and lots of people love him.

Art by TheCarmiBug (deviantart)

Team Adam? I have to admit, that I loved Adam in the beginning. He seemed like an understanding and nice guy and yes, I swooned. He's handsome and he loved Juliette despite everything he heard of. In a way, he was good for her and I'm grateful they had their relationship because thanks to him, Juliette understood that not everyone is bad and that there are people who are willing to give her a chance and be friends with her. He protected her and helped her in various situations. He gave her hope and I loved him for that. But while the story continues we also got to know the "other" Adam. The stubborn and scared Adam, who feared for his brother and did everything to protect him. I understood it, I really did! But what had happened to him was just ... confusing. He's complicated and especially in "Fracture Me" you don't know what to make out of his actions.

Team Warner? My precious Aaron. He might be one of the most complex characters I've ever read about. You're drawn to him in a confusingly terrifying way and you ask yourself: "Am I weird? I mean, I know he's the bad guy and yet I'm so intrigued and fascinated by him." At least I did, at first. I have so many feelings for this character and it takes every ounce in me not to scream and only write lots of OMG's and AH's but what I most liked about Warner is his character development. In the first book he was the "bad guy" - evil, terrible and mean but that changed in every book a little more. He has so many different layers and I'm forever thankful that Tahereh Mafi let us discover each and every one of them. There's this evil facade, where he shuts out everyone and doesn't want them to see he has feelings but when he's with Juliette the facade cracks and you suddenly see him in a different light. He's lonely and sad about what had happened to his family ... then there is his caring side because even though he doesn't want to admit it, he cares for the poor people, his men and for Juliette. He loves them in his own way. And he's passionate. He's strong and brave, feared but also admired ... he's so much more and I love him to death. He'll forever be one of my favorite characters!

Team Kenji? I instantly liked Kenji! Right from the beginning. He's just such a funny and open-minded guy that can't help but make you laugh no matter how ridiculous or bad the situation is. He's sarcastic and you can almost never take him seriously but if you need him, he's by your side in an instant and helps wherever he can. He's handsome, honest, strong, brave, loyal and overall just a fantastic friend. He will fight for you, he will challenge you and support you because he only wants the best for you. Kenji is definitely one of the bestest side-kicks ever and he deserves everything good in the world. Easy as that!

I guess you can already tell by the length who my favorite is ... it's not really that hard. The second place goes to Kenji, of course but the actual winner of this week's pitting is . . .


  1. Haha! You don't know how close I was to doing this pairing for my Shipping Sunday! XD Glad I went with Gale/Peeta. (It's a classic; figured I'd do it before anyone else did.) Great post!

    Brittany @

    1. Same here, haha! I thought about doing Peeta & Gale but then went for my beloved Aaron. No way I could not NOT talk about him *swooning* ♥


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