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Shipping Sunday (#1)

"Shipping Sunday" is a weekly meme, hosted by the lovely Brittany from Space Between The Spines, where you talk about your favorite couple(s) or pit two "teams" against each other.

Okay, so let's do this! I'm already breaking the rules (sorry, not sorry) and chose 3 teams to pit against each other ... but you'll understand, I promise. There's no other way. Today I'm pitting the male characters of the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo because ... LOVE. ♥

Malyen Oretsev
The Darkling
Nikolai Lantsov

Team Mal? Oh, dear Mal ... He’s protective, strong and brave, lovely, funny, caring and a really good friend. He gives up his life for Alina, fights for her and by her side, no matter what. Who wouldn’t want someone like him by your side - as a companion but also as a partner. I totally understand why Alina fell for him! But he's also stubborn and blames himself for things he could have never changed. Nevertheless I admired him a lot, especially in the last book. He changed a lot during the trilogy and while in the first book he was a cute, handsome but also kinda naive guy that just wanted to have a little "fun", he's now a strong and wiser (but still handsome!) man that had to go through a lot but learned from his experiences. His devotion to Alina and the "good cause", to save Ravka and everyone else, is completely honorable and he deserves all the good in the world . . .

Team Darkling? His name alone is indication enough ... he's dark, mysterious and feared but yet ... he has a magnetic personality and in a confusingly terrifying way you feel yourself drawn to him. You can't look away because he's beautiful despite the darkness around him. He hungers for power and does terrible things but deep down he is just looking for someone that is like him. That understands him and "saves" him. Yes, The Darkling is fascinating and give you the "maybe-I-can-change-him" idea to which you hold on so tightly, I almost hurts. I think Alina could have really helped him, she already did in a way, but it wasn't enough ... I still did like him a lot. He had his "human" moments with Alina, where he opened up to her and told her things he never told anyone before. And I think his story in the end of "Ruin and Rising" also explains a little why he became the man he was . . .

Team Nikolai? I'm still so unbelievably happy when I think about our beloved prince, I can't even express how much I love this character! Nikolai is charming, intelligent, handsome, mysterious, witty, brave, independent, funny, cocky, very confident, useful ... I could add 100 more adjectives to my list but I guess you get the point. Especially in "Siege and Storm" you're never really sure whether to trust him or be sceptical whenever he's around or says something. He's intriguing but then again essential because he has "connections" and can help you easily, which of course he will do because he only wants the best for Ravka. Thanks to Alina we also get to know his personality a lot better - when he's with her he doesn't seem to care about his appearance/attitude. He doesn't have to be on guard all the time and can be himself, even if it's just for a little while before he's back to that mysterious prince . . .

So, who would I choose? I'm not pairing them with Alina, it's just who I would prefer and well, now that I've pointed out everything it's actually really easy for me ... nope, that was a lie, still not easy but there's only one who can win, and that is . . .

What do you think? Do you agree with me? Or do you prefer another "team"?
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  1. Oooh, what a good post! This is one of the few books where I loved every single one of the guys. I think I'll join a polygamous society where I can marry all three and live happily ever after. :3

    Brittany @


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