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{REVIEW} In The Dark by Jen Colly

Title: In The Dark
Author: Jen Colly
Series: The Cities Below #1
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Publication: November 3rd, 2014
Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Demons have returned, a vengeful enemy waiting to strike. Soren and Faith must find a way to survive the evil and darkness.

Faith's spur of the moment vacation, meant to free her and boost her spirits, has left her lost on the streets of Paris. And apparently, Paris is populated with something more than just humans. Vampires, suave, seductive and oh so sexy, and one such warrior vampire has set his sights on her.

When Soren hears Faith’s terrified screams, he rushes in and saves her life without considering the consequences. Two problems: one, she’s a human and clearly aware of his vampire qualities, and two, the men who attacked her were not men at all, but demons. Their target, his beloved underground city of Balinese. He can never let Faith go home again, but can she learn to love his him?
*ebook provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

I'm speechless. Not in a good way and I already feel bad for what I'm about to write but it's my honest opinion and I can't change it, I'm sorry. While reading the book, I quickly noticed that there were a few things that really annoyed me ... so I made a list with all the positive and negative things. The outcome of the list is ... well, there were definitely more negative points than positives.

The story starts off very weird - a girl is being attacked by strangers when Soren (the male main character) comes to her rescue but oh, he's a vampire and he hasn't fed in over a year so of course he's very thirsty and after he killed the men, he bites her, she's scared and becomes unconscious. And because someone has to take care of the mess - the 2 dead men, of which we know now that they are demons with red eyes and fangs - he calls his "friend" Gustav to get rid of the bodies while he takes the girl, Faith, to Gustav's house. He's immediately drawn to her and she feels safe enough with him to let him carry her to a strangers house without even saying anything although he just bit her and killed 2 men. Yep, very confusing start that already made me shake my head so hard that I now have a headache. Thanks for that!

I don't really know what to say about the characters. I felt nothing for them, at least not for the main ones. Soren is a mysterious and handsome vampire and usually I'm swooning by now but he just ... I wanted to yell at him and punch him, CONSTANTLY. At times I caught myself comparing him to Edward Cullen because he acted a lot like him, protective and weird and always worried about her safety and all that stuff but even Edward was more likeable than Soren. He watched her sleep and didn't even let her shower alone - well, they were attacked when that happened but still ... I'm sure he could have "looked out for her" from outside the bathroom. Oh! And the vampires of course have a special ability ... they can transform into a "living ghost", meaning they can get invisible and walk through walls and closed doors without being seen. That's actually pretty annoying in a later situation almost in the end ... if you can escape that quickly from a danger, how are the readers supposed to feel thrilled and excited or scared or whatever, if they know exactly that nothing can happen because as long as he has enough blood in his system he can simply disappear and no one can do anything about it. UGH GOD!

Faith was also annoying. I didn't really know what to think of her, since she always changed her opinion and attitude in a matter of seconds. One moment you think: "Hey, she's actually cool and has a backspine! She fires back and doesn't take shit from a vampire!" and in the next second she's all whiny and relies on Sorens help, she always feels useless and wants to protect herself (I guess that's why she asked him to train her ... which never happened, btw!) but then he hides behind him and wants him to protect her. Elin (a minor side character) would have been a lot better heroine, I'm not even kidding! I was more interested in the side characters than the actual main figures. I couldn't care less about them while I really liked Navarre, Julian and his wife Yasmin, but also Bareth, Steffen and the Captain.

We didn't get any more information about the vampires' "background" and the society they live in and not even about the demons. Whatever we got, for me, it was not enough and only confused me more. Like the demons ... what is the difference to the vampires? Only the eye color? Or is there even a difference? I'm not sure - but why would they want to attack the vampires? It's just really confusing ... and maybe I missed some important parts, i don't know.

I had a lot of questions and none of them were answered ... obviously the vampires weren't "real" vampires since they could still get pregnant (no explanation about HOW and WHY they can even still have kids ... that would have been a good information and if I were Faith I seriously would have wanted to know!) and only had to feed every 6 months (same here - WHY???), or, again, maybe I'm just confused and didn't understand it.

I'm not even talking about the transition into a vampire because that's just ... no. One big fat NO. I read and saw enough vampire books and movies to know that a transition is painful and takes a certain time. You have to feed afterwards and you won't feel good ... and if you're changing that "type" of a vampire, at least explain it! None of these things happened in Jen Colly's book. I guess that's all I'm gonna say about it.

Now it's not entirely bad, don't get me wrong. There were a few passages that were funny and enjoyable and I really liked the scenes where Faith met the "vampire society", like the Lord Navarre and all the other vampire aristocrats and members. Elin was another plus because she was the woman I wanted to see as the heroine - she's badass and knows how to fight and can protect herself and she's also funny and doesn't give a shit. THAT'S WHAT I WANT!

So, what is my conclusion? I'm somewhat disappointed in the book! I expected it to be a steamy and hot vampire novel with demons as a real threat. Maybe some romance and cool characters but I didn't get any of it. There were some highlights, like the side characters and some lovely little scenes but that's definitely not enough, at least not for me, to recommend it.


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