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{REVIEW} Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Title: Origin 
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout 
Series: Lux Series #4 
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Aliens 
Publication: August 27th, 2013
Rating: ★★★★★

Daemon will do anything to get Katy back.

After the successful but disastrous raid on Mount Weather, he’s facing the impossible. Katy is gone. Taken. Everything becomes about finding her. Taking out anyone who stands in his way? Done. Burning down the whole world to save her? Gladly. Exposing his alien race to the world? With pleasure.

All Katy can do is survive.

Surrounded by enemies, the only way she can come out of this is to adapt. After all, there are sides of Daedalus that don’t seem entirely crazy, but the group’s goals are frightening and the truths they speak even more disturbing. Who are the real bad guys? Daedalus? Mankind? Or the Luxen?

Together, they can face anything.

But the most dangerous foe has been there all along, and when the truths are exposed and the lies come crumbling down, which side will Daemon and Katy be standing on?

And will they even be together?
"Holy crap on a cracker ..."
THIS! It basically sums up what I'm feeling right now ... How in the world am I supposed to wait almost 1 month till I can read Opposition?!? Tell me! Hell, I don't even know where to start. Seriously, shit got real and I didn't expect Origin to be so good. I mean, I knew it would be awesome but WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST READ?!?!

***** SPOILER AND LONG REVIEW FROM HERE ON!!!! You're warned! *****

"She is worth everything."

Let me just start with one of my favorite couples of all time - Daemon and Katy!
I was really emotional throughout the whole book - most of the time I didn't even know why but when it comes to those 2 amazing beings I can't shake it. I love them a lot, yep.

The first 9 chapters were horrible for me, like I said, very emotional and constantly worried about Kat and Daemon plus being angry and frustrated at the same time ... good combination, right? I was terrible to read about Daedalus and what they did to Katy, to see her like that - almost giving up and so hopeless, ugh. But Daemon ... I knew he'd save her, of course! He loves her more than anything ... he'd even "burn the world down to save her."

Their reunion was just perfect, seriously I don't even have the right words for it - multiply perfection with 10000000 and you'll know what I mean. I felt so happy and relieved and later when ... oh GOD! THE MARRIAGE! I felt like my heart is about to explode of happiness!!! And how they got married ... Vegas. Not what I expected but it was cute and sweet and lovely and you could feel what they feel for each other - it was perfect and I wouldn't want to change a thing about it. Just for one moment I thought okay, everything will be fine and they'll be safe and live happily together ... well, it was wishful thinking. Damnit.

"My light reflected off her cheeks, giving her a rosy glow. She was beautiful and I was so, so desperately in love with her."
First of all, we need to talk about Mr. Hot-Origin, Archer! I instantly fell in love with him, yes. Weird? Probably. But I just liked him from the beginning, he showed "kindness" and helped Katy, talked to her and kept her sane, gave her advice and I don't think Katy would have been so brave without him - he didn't do much, but just his presence was enough, I think. Well, maybe it's just me, I don't know. But throughout the book we got to know him better and better and I didn't change my opinion - HE'S ONE PERFECT BADASS!

Speaking of Origins ... WHAT THE HELL. My first thought when we found out about them was: Wow, just wow. They seemed really interesting but damn scary. I don't know what it is, but creepy kids are damn scary. They creep the hell out of me! Especially when they were all like: "Why don't you want to play with us? We just want to play." - CREEEEEPY!!! But I was still impressed and glad (!) that Micah saved Katy's life when they broke out of Area 51.

"Well then, it’s time to introduce the world to a little bit of extraterrestrial awesomeness."
And well, talking about other Origins - welcome Luc. I have to say that I never trusted him, nope, not till the very end, the last few pages. Everything about him seemed so suspicious and alarming. The things he could do, nothing seemed impossible for him. And then the whole thing with Prometheus - the serum. I'm still wondering what he needs it for. I REALLY WANT AND NEED TO KNOW! Just ... don't do anything mean that will harm my favorites, just don't now that I trust you.

"Things went from bad to craptastic in a matter of seconds."
Perfectly described, yep. Let's move on to ... the plot. FREAKING AWESOME!!
There were so many plot twists and unexpected stuff you found out ... every page revealed a new secret and it wouldn't stop. YOUR MIND, JENNIFER! Let me have a look in your mind! The things you write are AWESOME and MIND-BLOWING and just UGHHHHH.

I also need to talk about one particular son of a bitch, also known as Matthew. When I read "his" chapter, honestly I didn't know what to say, do or even think. My mind was blank and I just stared at my book. I NEVER expected him to betray his family, I always saw the good guy in him that loves his family and gives them advice, acts like a Dad and keeps them safe - I'm not even thinking about the fact that he actually TRIED to keep them save with what he did ... that's just not true, nope. He wanted to sacrifice Daemon and Katy to save the others? Well, Daemon is also family, it just sucks. What he did was wrong and he deserved what happened to him. Same goes for Lyla - Luc was damn badass and at first I thought: Huh?! What's going on?! WHY DID YOU KILL HER? :O

Then the "war" or whatever you wanna call it. First thing I want, no HAVE to say is - PARIS, ANDREW AND ASH! *cries like a baby* Why? Just tell me why? I started to like Paris and his funny responses. He seemed nice and I wanted to read more about him ... BUT NO OF COURSE THAT NEVER HAPPENED, UGH. His death was ... i don't know. When Luc found out and made this "inhuman sound" I felt terrible. He obviously meant a lot to him and now he's dead ... great. Same goes for Andrew, it was just so sad and I felt really sorry for Ash but then she dies too? Like WHAT THE F***?!? I was not okay.

I'm still not okay. This whole book killed me with all those scenes and emotions, god. Especially the ending. I think I didn't fully realize what happened, not yet. I expected the whole Beth-thing the moment I knew something is wrong with her. I just knew she's pregnant. Am I happy? Not really. There'll be a lot of problems ... they don't even know about the whole origin-story and NOW SHE'S PREGNANT, AH! At least it's not Katy, I don't need a revision of Breaking Dawn here.

But then the real shit happened - LUXEN! So many Luxen and they are all on earth now! As it seems the war hasn't even begun yet and already there's a lot of chaos! That cliffhanger at the end was ... i have no words for it. Unexpected and left me with so many questions in my head. Damnit! I need Opposition RIGHT NOW!



  1. Ahh.. this series is wonderful! Definitely one of my absolute favorites! I skipped class the day the final book came out and sat at home all day reading it. Jennifer Armentrout is amazing!

    1. Oh, haha. :D And I know! It's also one of my favorite series EVER! JLA is just amazing and I love her for creating such an fascinating world and those awesome characters, ugh! ♥


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