Friday, August 29, 2014

Recommendation Friday (#1)

It's Friday and that means (from now on) RECOMMENDATION FRIDAY, yay! I'm gonna make this a weekly treat where I recommend one book or a series that I really liked and enjoyed. Simple as that!

For my first "Recommendation Friday" I chose "Kinder des Judas" (engl: Children of Judas) by the German author Markus Heitz. Yes, it's German and yes, sadly, it was never translated to English. It was only translated into Swedish. But I'm still recommending it because when I read it a few years ago I gave it 5 stars and it quickly became one of my favorites. Now I know Twilight and Kinder des Judas have nothing in common but after finished the saga I was a sucker for vampire books and devoured everything I could get my hands on. Kinder des Judas was recommended to me by an old friend (a male btw! So to all my male visitors and book bloggers, this could be something for you too!) and I'm really grateful for it! With its 698 pages it's quite huge but very informative if you're interested in the topic. There are lots of different types of vampires that Heitz described in his books but each one of them is unique and well researched.

First & Second installment of Markus Heitz' vampire trilogy: Kinder des Judas and Judassohn

 Kinder des Judas (in english: Children of Judas) is a vampire story but without any romantic aspects. The book is divided into four parts - Das Mädchen (girl), Aeterna, Entdeckungen (discoveries) and Tod (death) - and plays in two different time lines - Leipzig (Germany) in 2007 and Serbia in the 17/18th century.

"She's the heart and soul of the hospital. She stands with those who don't want to be alone in their last hours. Everyone who sees her standing beside the bed of a dying will think of her as an angel. Because no one knows who she really is ...

Being young, beautiful and healthy - and to all eternity: what sounds like a dream for many, became a curse for Sia a long time ago. She only longs for one thing: to fall asleep and never wake up again. But she's not allowed to. Too big is the guilt upon her shoulders and the responsibility towards mankind. To ease the pain, in a long, lonely night, Sia writes down her history. It begins in the year 1670 and tells of a little girl who was involved in the dark machinations of the "Children of Judas", a powerful alliance of scientists - and vampires!"

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